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         Welcome to Artnudzz, the Emperor Has No Clothes! Artnudzz is an online art and entertainment magazine featuring artist  portfolios, articles, critiques, revues and yes, the occasional nude (you know tasteful artsy fart ones not the full-on engorged hairy labia/ (get it?) penile stuff you find on lesser sites) Artnudzz Magazine is designed to direct the discriminating art collector, dealer and museum director to the works of art they should own, artists they should represent and collections they should acquire. (of course, we don't discriminate, you can be an idiot too. We don't really care, we're more than happy to take your money, accept your shows and assist you in making prudent acquisitions. We deserve it! Really! Of course, if you acquire excellent art, you wouldn't be an idiot now would you?). We hope to accomplish all this in a way that is entertaining, enlightening and just plain farking fun. Artnudzz on occasion will also provide aspiring artists with features that will help them in their careers. We are under construction but watch for up coming feature articles such as "The Artist's Survival Kit", "The Gallery Response Page", "Immaculate Rejection", El Nino, La Nina and "The New Triteness Movement" 

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