My recent work is a continuation of my compulsion to make visual images. These images are generated by the subjective and enigmatic "self," and might be described as psycho-narrative. My state of being is nurtured and supported by Existential premises and the human condition.

These images are pictorial facts of the brain/mind experience made evident via the integration of medium, and the metamorphosis of creation.

The computer as a medium/tool is integral to this process and is included in the totality and structure of my studio which has its dimensions within the sandbox of the so-called "mind." My studio is a private place and no invitations or memberships are offered. There are times when even my "self" is neither invited not allowed to enter, which causes a process to begin and heightens the tension of primal despair.

The images I make are like windows on the surface of my studio - but they are opaque windows that prevent one from looking inside - they exist on their own with their own "self"-ness and any audience to the work will have to take it or leave it - including my conscious self.

2011 Martin Camarata
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